April 27, 2017

1. Install an Alarm System

Of course having an alarm system is number one on our list. It is a proven fact that criminals avoid homes that have professionally installed alarm systems. The same study also proved that the more houses with these kind of alarm systems, were...

April 14, 2017

 1. Make sure to replace your air filter once a month! Replacing your filters allows more air to better circulate through your entire house!

2. Switch over to LED light bulbs! LED bulbs produce light without generating extra heat in your house. Also as an added bonus, t...

March 1, 2017


One simple way to give your house and upgraded look, is to make sure all of your light fixtures match. Whether you decide to go with a brushed bronze, silver or gold finish, making sure that they match ensures the same feel all over you house. The sa...

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