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Simple Home Improvements


One simple way to give your house and upgraded look, is to make sure all of your light fixtures match. Whether you decide to go with a brushed bronze, silver or gold finish, making sure that they match ensures the same feel all over you house. The same rule also goes with ceiling fans. Ceiling fans with a light already attached are a great way to give a upgraded look to a room, as well as more lighting. Ceiling fans can range from $50- $200, so set your budget wisely and decide on which fan is the best fit for your house.


The best and simplest way to update any bathroom is by changing your vanity lights! Prices for updating can range from $40-$100 and you can find a ton of deals on lighting online!


Another super simple, but effective way to give any room an upgraded look is to update your ceiling fan! Updating from an old brassy and big bulb light, to a more modern paint on the blades and updated light fixtures, will be a cheap and easy makeover!

These are just a couple of ways to upgrade your home without breaking the bank. If you are in need of lighiting upgrades or have any electrical related projects, give us a call today! We would be happy to talk with you.

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